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The Company:

NK Dance Services LLC, is an Igbo Dance Company which aims to teach, promote and preserve Igbo culture (from South Eastern Nigeria), through dance. We accomplish this through quality education, performance and community engagement.

NK stands for 'Ngala Kwesili' - a phrase used for someone who has pride and swag. We aim to foster a sense of pride through our workshops, dance classes and performances.

There is indeed a lot to be proud of, so join us let us dance.

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The Founder:

Kaosochi Obi's love for dancing began as young as she could remember. Born with a dancing spirit, she danced at every opportunity and even represented her school at dancing at a very tender age of 4.

Her passion for dancing later motivated her to create the first Igbo dance School in the diaspora (UK based) along with the Igbo Culture and Support Network (ICSN) Organization. The creation of this school birthed the award winning dance troupe Egwu Oganiru.

As the dance teacher for the school, choreographer and dance leader for the dance troupe, she dedicated herself to promoting the Igbo Culture throughout UK. Her hard work, passion and drive has seen her become a multi award winning teacher/choreographer. She left Egwu Oganiru dance troupe in August 2015, as she relocated to America to embark on a brand new journey, which wouldn't be complete without dance.

Her passion for dance is stronger than ever, and she continues to introduce the love she has for dance to others and bring a smile to her students and audience through dance. Dance is her logo.